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12 August 2015

Who Am I? / Who Are We?

Why do heroes drag such lonely hearts through the pages of American writing?

Pioneers and outcasts built America. Independence, strength, and humanity propelled them. Perhaps in the race to stand out, to excel, to survive, something fell by the wayside.

Have you heard of the great question all writers strive to answer? "Who am I?"

The answer evades the best of us, because the question misses its counterpart. No man is an island, and our relationships define us more than do our actions.

In one sense, love is underexplored in literature. Every story depends on love: friendship, support, romance. Yet, stories must end at ever after. There is conflict, adventure, a climax, and a closing denouement. They can't go on. Stories need conflict.

Individuals are for action, but what realistic relationship persists beyond the troubles?

What comes next? Who are we when the conflict concludes?

Perhaps you can write the answer that no one else has. Until someone does, our heroes of the battle will go lonely or go to fairy tales.

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