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Islands in the Formless Void

Well, it is a new year and I am ready to try again. The game which was once Alchemite and then unnamed has a new form: Islands in the Formless Void. The essential aspects of creation remain unchanged, but I believe I am ready to tackle the problem of magic with AI. Some of my tests have produced systems with remarkably personable behavior, imbuing these entirely algorithmic worlds with an emotional weight I have never before seen outside of human art. It might even be worth sharing, and to that end I launched a kickstarter to fund its development. If the project succeeds, I will be able to turn the concept into a public game. If it fails, then I suppose the experience will remain mine alone. It may not prove to be less amazing a concept than I believe it to be. Who knows?

Many ideas remained unchanged from last year: A shared world with claimable blocks, modifiable elements, workable resources. The significant addition is this ability to insert AI figures that modify the landscape in a predictable, but personable fashion. It lends an atmosphere of emotional significance to the game that, at least to me, feels very much like the magic of story-crafting.

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