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23 August 2015


"Sleep" captures brief momements from the lives of three time-sleepers.

These men chose to fall asleep in their own time, expecting to awake in a distant future. However, a series of mishaps reshaped their destiny, and in the end their lives encompassed farther horizons than any intended, from a distopian revolution to the last human on Earth.

Honestly, this is one of my tamer stories. No deep, philosophical questions rear their heads; the science fiction yields to baseless pseudo-science; and, the characters have little character.

The story drew me to write it for its vignets of Earth's ages: It sweeps rapidly from one society to another, from a polluted Earth on the brink of self-annihilation to an underpopulated marine society and then further still, only to end on a mysterious, empty tone.

What happened to humanity in the end? The Earth does not appear to know.

© Jon Michael Galindo 2015