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11 September 2015

Storylines: Invading Transition

I mentioned that all storylines find their origin in transition. This proves especially true for some, and “invading transition” comes nearer than any to transition’s popularity. It requires very little explanation. Essentially, the protagonist experiencing a transition from the familiar to the extraordinary changes the new world as much as it transforms them.

I might mention for an example “Kyle XY”, a series that aired on ABC Family in 2006 and epitomized the storyline. The premise allowed the writers to ask philosophical questions from the perspective of an innocent child, transforming an ordinary suburban family’s life in the process.

This storyline has infinite gradations and side-branches, and I doubt any author could really fail any attempt at it. It often serves to introduce a strange world to the audience, such as when some ordinary person finds themselves caught up in extraordinary experiences; their confusion serves as an anchor to the reader. Or, as in the example mentioned above, it might serve to offer a fresh perspective on what the reader considers mundane. When writing, simply explain the world through the protagonist’s eyes, and let their actions ripple.

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