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25 September 2015

Posture Drawing 2

Basic sketch, 1 hour 11 minutes 41 seconds:

Pencil, 45 minutes 38 seconds:

Ink, 23 minutes 31 seconds:

Shaded, 40 minutes 42 seconds:

Digital coloring, Final, 49 minutes 35 seconds:

Total, 3 hours 51 minutes 7 seconds. I tried to take my time on this one, keeping the lines clean. However, I spent less than half the time on the woman that I spent on the man in the initial sketch, and every instance after it suffers.

I was less than thrilled with the result. I prefer the shaded version to the final coloring, but neither really impressed me. I knew this scene lay beyond my skill when I attempted it, but I hope I have gained at least patience from its attempt.

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