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26 September 2015

More Unfortunate Superpowers

You get the idea.

The Nose

No, he doesn't have a heightened sense of smell. This sad excuse for an empowered person can transform the smell of any object. He can make pudding smell like soup or rubber smell like roses. I suppose it's great for elevators, but its uses are limited. Unless he can make air smell like chloroform, in which case he's quite the powerful character.

The Anti-Alchemist

He can turn gold into lead. Yes, you heard that right. It's quite unfortunate really; hopefully he wasn't touching something valuable when he discovered his power. I suppose he could use his power to destroy wealth and inflict chaos on the global economy, but that's really more villain domain than hero.

The Mime

He can't make any noise at all. His footsteps are completely silent; if he mashes at a piano nothing happens; if he opens an ancient door with rusty hinges it won't make a sound. I suppose this makes him quite useful for sneaking around, but he's not a great conversationalist. Also, he doesn't need a silencer, but, again, villain stuff.


This unfortunately afflicted heroine can increase her weight at will, but not her density. She's basically just packing on pounds when she uses her power, then she has to hit the gym to lose them. Like I said, unfortunate.

Electrostatic Shock

Not to be confused with DC's powerful "Static Shock", this character constantly builds up static charge as he walks about. You know how sometimes the car door shocks you? He's like that all the time. Ouch. But, I suppose his punches have a little extra sting.


This man can emit x-rays from his eyes. Also, he has cancer and is blind. Still, that's nothing an overly dramatic costume can't fix. "With great power", and all that.


This gifted woman can leap to any height. However, she cannot survive a fall any better than the best of us, and her power will probably be the end of her one of these days. She'll be okay as long as she sticks to jumping up onto roofs and such. She just has to aim really carefully, and maybe carry back-up crutches just in case she's a little off. So far, she's a force to be reckoned with.


This man has the power to stop time. Of course, he can't move once it's stopped; and he can't see since there is no light hitting his eyes; but at least he can take a moment to think! Yes, with careful training he may be able to excel at quick-thinking.

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