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14 October 2015

The Feeling of Trust

In a world where magic is failing, Richard Malloy daily depends on it. As he watches his colleagues betrayed by the magic that supported them, he nevertheless continues to encounter the same experience as the day he first obtained his power.

What would you have done in such a situation? Would you abandon magic for fear it would treat you as it had others, or would you continue to trust in your personal history?

Of course, magic here represents a particular sort of relationship. We all wear masks, or so the saying goes, but some wear more varied masks than others: There are people who treat us in a way entirely inconsistent with the way in which they treat others. Ought that sort of relationship be trusted because of its longevity? Or, does the disparity indicate a deeper nature, a root of betrayal which must win out in the end? As always, writing about magic provided me with a simple and clear-cut method of exploring the question sans any need for the myriad ambiguities of relationships themselves.

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