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16 October 2015

Try To Fly: Digital Drawing

Continuing with my attempts at all-digital art, I animated the Try-to-Fly's skateboarder digitally. The only non-digital aspect was the original, paper sketch (character art). However, this sketch served only as a reference:

Here is the digital version, lined and shaded entirely in GIMP using a touchscreen laptop:

Not to treat traditional media unfairly, I should mention that I drew the pencil sketch about 1 inch square, so I doomed it to inferior quality.

Digital has benefits and drawbacks. A stylus feels nothing like a pencil; it sticks and drags on the glass and requires heavy, continuous pressure to avoid a broken line.

Nevertheless, the entertainment-art community has moved to nearly all-digital art because it simply provides a faster workflow. I remain undecided and rather unskilled in purely digital line-work.

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