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18 October 2015

Can You Imagine?

This short story, "Can You Imagine?", tracks the extremely brief life of an artificial sentience from the moment of its creation.

The poor machine has a rather unfortunate conversation with its creator, and essentially discovers that it is about to die due to an incomplete design.

All stories reflect our own emotions and lives, and the mark of a good story is its universality. I am not entirely convinced of this story's universality. I drew inspiration from the mixture of apathy and frustration that tends to meet me half-way through a project. I begin some great endeavor full of passion and dedication, but along the route some new idea ambushes me and suddenly my unfinished pursuit loses its first luster; more often than not, I abandon it and move on.

Perhaps this does not happen to many. How would I know? Nevertheless, the story feels quite right to me; it must resonate with someone else, somewhere. If it is not everything I had hoped, I suppose I must content myself with sufficiency.

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