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1 November 2015

National Apology

In “National Apology”, as one might infer, the President issues a series of apologies for actions taken on false premises. Apparently a glitch in the country’s foremost news-reporting software caused it to magnify a trivial accident into a national catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions, instigating a chain of confusing events which culminated in this apology.

An obvious consequence of automating human jobs is the lack of accountability in a system glitch. Who do you fire when the software makes a horrendous mistake? The programmer? But, of course, turning over programmers every time they work on a piece of impacting software will only make the software more prone to error, implying that our most vital automations will be forever prone to both subpar design and maintenance. I certainly never intend to involve myself in a project of national import. When something goes wrong, and it will, who else would be to blame?

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